Saturday, October 24, 2020

An entire litter of amazing swimming Maremmas

Zoltán L. in Italy shares these photos and videos of his Maremma pups joining him for a swim.
Click here to see photos and videos: Swimming_Maremmas

Dogs sniffing out coronavirus in airports

Click here to see helpful dogs of many breeds working in airports: dogs-detect-coronavirus-fast-and-reliably-why-not-use-them-everywhere

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Green Maremma puppy, "Pistachio"

The article doesn't say the dogs are Maremmas, but--wavy, white fur, living in Italy, herding sheep? I'm assuming these are Maremmas, a Kuvasz "cousin."

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

NEW BLOG! The Kuvasz Klips History Blog makes its debut

As of 10-20-20, I have a new blog, which focusses on the history of the Kuvasz.

These posts are also on Kuvasz Klips, but this new blog consolidates the historic info in one place.

Check it out!

Click here: kuvasz klips


10-20-20 is October 20, 2020.

Kuvasz Angel Tree Topper

Click here to see the site to order this: tree topper

Monday, October 19, 2020

Disney TV episode featuring Kuvasz

The Kuvasz pulls an arrow out of his owner's back. I know Kuvasz are intelligent and versatile but medical skills?

Christine in Canada found this link and shares it. Thank you!

Click here to see the video: (5:32)

Does anyone know where to see the full 55 min. episode?

This TV episode looks great! But why a Kuvasz? Just wondering, as I'm pretty sure there were no Kuvasz in the US in the 1880s. But apparently there was a Kuvasz in Hollywood in 1966, when this TV episode was filmed.

For other videos of Kuvasz  see:


 IMDB - "Brady's Escape"

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Puppy in black and white, or Puppy in slate-gray and white

 Krisztián of Hungarikum Kuvasz Kennel in Ontario shares this photo of his pup, showcasing the distinctive Kuvasz black skin pigment.

The skin has a lot of pigment....The colour of the skin under the hair is also slate grey, best seen on the belly, where the hair is less thick than on the rest of the body.

“The nose, the eyelids and the lips are always black.” 

From: Pál Sárkány and Imre Ócsag. 1986. Hungarian Dog Breeds. 2nd ed. Budapest, Hungary: Corvina Kiadó. (Orig. pub. 1977.)  P. 103.

“The colour of the coat is a uniform white...."

Dr. Buzády Tibor. 2002. Dogs of Hungary. Translated by Bernard Adams. Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó.   P. 100.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Amazing swimming Kuvasz in Germany

Claudia F. in Germany shares this video (:59) of her Kuvaszok enjoying the water.

Click here to see video: Amazing swimming Kuvasz in Germany

136,000 views of Kuvasz Klips!


There have now been 136,000 viewings of Kuvasz Klips!

There are 6,003 posts on the blog.

This blog has been seen in 105 countries around the world, in all 6 continents of the world where dogs live: North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Kuvasz live in all, now including Africa, where several Kuvasz "cousins" also live.

These are amazing numbers for a blog written about a fairly obscure subject, a rare dog breed, the Kuvasz! 
best-thermal-baths in budapest 

Random Florida videos -- cat vs. alligator

"So here’s a video from JukinVideo of a cat and two gators throwing down. Don’t worry, the cat wins.

"That said, please do not let your cats walk up to gators. They will probably die. Badly."

Click here to see 2 videos:  

Yes, alligators really do live out in the open in Florida, specifically in fresh or brackish water, and so are found in lakes, ponds, rivers and canals in residential areas as well as shopping mall retention ponds and golf course water traps.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Picture frame for when your dog goes to the Rainbow Bridge

The sentiment on this picture frame is that your dog loved you just as much as you did him or her.

Order it online at

Action photo - 31

Bela K. in Hungary shares this autumnal scene.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fiona the Great Pyr and the gopher

Fiona is a Great Pyrenees who lives in San Francisco and is friendly to one and all. 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Maremma named "Brown" is on the loose in Australia

A New South Wales dog breeder is calling in helicopters and wildlife trackers to capture a runaway maremma that has been missing for more than five months.

Livestock Guardian Dogs Australia founder Erin Williams said maremmas were extremely resilient dogs and could survive for a long time on the run.

"They're very independent," she said. "They’re self-thinking dogs.”

Click here to see the article: helicopters-wildlife-trackers-deployed-save-missing-maremma-dog

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Kuvasz cures a headache

 Tibor F. in Hungary shares this photo, and writes, "I had a headache when I got home. I hugged her--and my headache stopped! How is this possible? 💕"

We all know how it's possible--a Kuvasz hug is the best!

Puppies ❤️❤️❤️ - 107

Nikolett of Rimaparti Pastor Kuvasz in Hungary shares this photo of her Kuvasz puppies. The fuzzy wavy fur of early puppy-hood is smoothing on their faces and front legs, while remaining wavy everywhere else.

Komondor pups in Russia

Игорь Перфильев (Igor Perfiliev in English) in Moscow shares these photos of 2-month-old Kom pups.

Kom puppies are fuzzy from their nose to their toes! Their fur remains wavy all over their bodies. The Kuvasz fur is wavy on the body but smooth on the face and lower legs.

Photographer:  Игорь Perfilʹyev.

Owner:  Татьяна Лебедева  – Tatiana Lebedeva

Komondor head profile without cords

 Amber in Texas shares this photo of her Komondor, Prinz Wilhelm von Koepsel, or Willy. His trimmed cords let us see the Kom head in profile.

Skull: Domed, brows well developed.
Stop: Well developed but not too steep.

Nose: Straight, cut off blunt, black.

Muzzle: Not pointed; bridge of nose straight.

Lips: Black, tightly fitting to mouth and jaw bones. Corner of mouth jagged.

Jaws/Teeth: Jaws very well muscled, strong and powerful. Even and complete scissor bite, according to the dentition formula.

Cheeks: Broad, of medium length.

Eyes: Horizontally set, dark brown. The black rim tightly fitting to the eyeball.

Ears: Set medium high on the domed skull. Clearly pendant from the base and V- or U-shaped. Not raised neither when alert nor in attack. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Puppies ❤️❤️❤️ - 106

The puppy asks, "Mom, am I doing this right?"
Mom says, "Yes!"
Attila B. in Hungary shares this photo of his 7-week-old Kuvasz with the sheep and goats.

Locks of love

Andrea of Majna-menti Mákvirág Kuvasz Kennel in Germany shares this photo of her son Tomi and her Kuvasz Boncza. 

Herend porcelain 1931

Руслан Боднарчук or Ruslan Bodnarchuk in Hungary shares this photo of a Herend porcelain from 1931.

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Remembering Odin in the 2017 California wildfires

 As I read news of the devastating wildfires burning in the western states of the US, I remember Odin. Three years ago, in October 2017, another wildfire was burning in California, and a rough Akbash named Odin saved his 8 goats as the fire raged around them. Click here to see his story:  kuvasz-cousin-odin-hero-lgd

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

MKFE gives school demonstration

 A kuvasz legnagyobb ellensége nem a betörő, hanem az előítélet | NLCafé

The biggest enemy of Kuvasz is not the burglar, but the prejudice NLCafé

The MKFE gives demonstrations to school children as part of their effort to educate the Hungarian public as to the true nature of the Kuvasz, a Hungarian heritage breed.

Click here for video (5:35): MKFE gives demonstration to school children

Also see this recent post:, includes above video.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

8th Annual "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" -- "Brady's Escape," the full movie pieced together from Youtube clips

This movie (made in 1983) takes place in Hungary during WW II but before the Soviets invaded in Sept. of 1944. English, Hungarian and German are spoken.

The movie is a story of American pilots, Nazi officers, and Hungarian horsemen in World War II. American airmen crash-land their plane on the Hungarian Puszta (at the 2:15 point). Both a Hungarian boy and a Nazi officer see the crash and head to the site. 

The Hungarians arrive first and rescue the pilots, taking them to their village. The Nazis arrive at the crash site and deduce that the pilots are with the Hungarians, and storm the village (10:58). 

The Hungarians hide Brady and the Kuvasz. At the 12:04 point, the Nazi orders the dogs be set loose (the Kuv are hidden from view but of course they bark). The Hungarian man says that it's "too dangerous--they're Kuvasz." At 13:06, the Nazi shoots the dogs. Then, Brady starts a horse stampede around the Nazis to distract them from their search for the American airmen. At 13:25, the Hungarian man goes to see and mourn his dead Kuvasz.

and scroll down to see the screen that starts the movie.

Click here to see KFA's: Clip from the movie "Brady's Escape"
Also info about the movie in IMDB:
Buy the movie on CD at: 

**************************************  *****************  **************** *****

This is one of few videos I know of that have Kuvasz in the story. They appear only briefly at the beginning of the movie, but we also get to see the environment that the Kuvasz developed in over hundreds of years.

Click here for Wikipedia info:Wiki/ Brady's Escape

The movie is grim, as the entire plot is about evading the relentless Nazis.

This movie was made in Hungary by Hungarians, but when it opened in the US in 1984, much of the dialog was in English, with some Hungarian and German. 

The plot:  When two American pilots, Brady and Benson, crash-land in the Hortobágy in 1944, they find help escaping the Nazis from the Hungarian residents, because, as the doctor says, "The Germans are our allies, but we are occupied."

The Nazis find the flaming wreckage of the plane but see part of the crew deceased and part of the crew missing. So they go in search of the American pilots who must still be alive.

Though allied with (but occupied by) the Germans, the Hungarians work desperately to save the Americans from the Nazis.

The Nazis shot Kuvaszok as casually and cruelly as the Soviets did when the Soviets invaded later that year, in September 1944.
Just before the killings.

My observations on the movie:  In spite of the bleak environment and the hideous behavior of the Nazis, and the fear and anxiety the Hungarians must have felt, there was some beauty -- the Kuvasz, the magnificent horses and Grey cattle and Racka sheep.

The ending was slightly happy but mostly heartbreaking, with the characters suffering the hardship and vagaries of war.


8th Annual "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" -- a commemoration

"Around this time in the autumn of 1944 the Soviet army stepped into the area of the Karpathian basin and started the biggest known slaughter of the Kuvasz population."

"The Kuvasz and We," a Non-Profit Foundation

On this day we would remember to those Kuvaszes and other breeds of dogs who sacrificed their life for those who were the most important for them, for people. 

Why September 15th?

Because around this time in the autumn of 1944 the Soviet army stepped into the area of the Karpathian basin and started the biggest known slaughter of the Kuvasz population. We at A Kuvasz és Mi in Budapest would like if this not so well-known historical fact would not sink into oblivion.

For those who do not know about this period, we would sum up what happened from the autumn in 1944, here and on our Facebook page at 
A Kuvasz és Mi.

In the middle of September 1944 started the marching of the Soviet army from more directions into the Karpathian basin. Crowds of people fled from their farms and left the small villages when they heard about the arrival of the front lines. Besides saving the lives of people, saving the guarding kuvaszes as well was out of the question. 

Most of the people hoped that the Kuvasz would hide when they heard the noise of the guns, or run away, and when the tenants got home they would return, so they might survive the passing of the army. 

The people who returned days and weeks after the army left the area, saw that the dogs (other breed than kuvasz) survived the brutality of the troops. 

But coming home they had to face reality, most of the Kuvaszes lied shot down near the fence. The Kuvaszes left behind tried to save the home of their owners!!! 

The warning shots were useless, the roaring tanks, the rumbling guns did not frighten them away. When everybody ran away, they protected with loyalty what they had been entrusted to guard. Entering to the Karpathian basin, it soon spread among the foreign soldiers that the big white dogs had to be shot because they did not let anyone to enter, and could seriously injure the attacker. 

According to estimations from the autumn of 1944 to the spring of 1945 THOUSANDS OF KUVASZES GAVE THEIR LIFE FOR ACTING THE WAY THEY HAD BEEN TAUGHT BY THEIR OWNERS!

Click here to see previous posts:

8th annual "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" -- Jens and Kászon continue the courage of their ancestors

Bjørn Olav of Fjellflokken Kuvasztenyészet Kennel in Norway shares these photos of his courageous and determined Kuvaszok.

NATO's military exercise called Trident Juncture occurred in Norway and Iceland in October and November 2018.

This is exactly the same behavior described in the "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty," remembering the Soviet invasion of Hungary in World War II, in which other brave Kuvaszok also faced down military tanks by their owners' property fences. Their fate was disastrous, and we honor them always.

"But coming home they had to face reality, most of the Kuvaszes lied shot down near the fence. The Kuvaszes left behind tried to save the home of their owners!!! 

"The warning shots were useless, the roaring tanks, the rumbling guns did not frighten them away. When everybody ran away, they protected with loyalty what they had been entrusted to guard."
From "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty," created in 2013 by Vajó Zoltán of A Kuvasz és Mi Alapítvány in Hungary