Monday, November 5, 2018

Photo contest winner - Redyk or Transhumance in modern Poland

I can't see any LGDs in this photo, but they must be in there somewhere. If they are there, they may be the Kuvasz "cousin," the Polish Tatra.
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The solemn exit of shepherds for grazing in the mountain halls (spring reed) as well as their return from grazing (autumn redyk).

This way of grazing sheep is a relic of transhumance agriculture that used to be common in the Carpathians.

Redyk nowadays

Contemporary spring and autumn sheep rush has the character of a folklore spectacle addressed to tourists, but also to the highlanders themselves, who can try to identify with their tradition.

In 2013, the Carpathian Redyk was organized. The redyku route led through the Carpathian countries' territories: Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. About 300 sheep, dogs, donkeys and horses were found in the herd. Shepherds from Poland, Ukraine and Romania from May 11 to September 14, 2013, covered the route of about 1200 km. Its organizers (in Poland it is Fundacja Pasterstwo Transhumancyjne ) reported that:

"Carpathian Redyk was organized to commemorate the migration of Wallachian shepherds, which led to the settlement of the Carpathians and the emergence of a common, high-mountain pastoral culture, connecting communities living in the Carpathians."