Sunday, November 4, 2018


József H. in Hungary shares this photo of his 5-year-old Avas (Peturházi Pettyes Avas).

This photo showcases the distinctive texture of the Kuvasz coat: 

“The hair is wavy and thick, a real characteristic of the breed....The coat of the Kuvasz is very attractive.”
From: Pál Sárkány and Imre Ócsag, Hungarian Dog Breeds, Budapest, Hungary: Corvina Kiadó, 1977, 2nd ed. 1986, p. 101, 103.

“The hair should be neither excessively curly nor straight, but should...have waves and swirls.  In 1924, the official term was fluctuosus, ‘wavy,’ which was replaced in 1935 by undulans, ‘undulating.’” 
From: Dr. Tibor Buzády, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams (Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002), p. 100.

"By Hungarian standard the straight coat is not acceptable. There must be special twirls in the coat."
From: Wikipedia