Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Maremma puppies and bandicoots in Australia - 1:18 video

These young Maremmas are being trained to guard bandicoots in Australia.

"If successful, the trial could result in the creation of a Fighting Extinction Dog Squad, a specially trained squad of dogs that protect and help monitor a host of native wildlife."

           Click here to see the article: Zoos Victoria, Australia

"This trial draws on the success of programs such as the Middle Island Maremma Dog Project (Warrnambool) where Maremmas have successfully protected Little Penguins from fox predation."

"Maremmas are a breed of guardian dog that originated in Italy and have been used for centuries to successfully guard livestock. They are considered ideal for conservation work because they can bond to an array of animals, defend them from introduced predators and have a low prey-drive."

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