A day in the life -- today's Kuvaszok


World Dog Show, Amsterdam 2018, August 10, 11, 12, 2018 - Kuvasz results

Here are some photos from the show.
Uda Voßberg writes:
Yeah, Yumi ist Weltjugendsieger und bester Junghund geworden! Ich bin so stolz , danke Hasi für Deine Unterstützung und danke Geli für diesen tollen Hund

Yeah, Yumi has become luthuanian and best puppy! I'm so proud , thank you hasi for your support and thank you geli for this amazing dog

Wahid's breeder, Mariette of  Kuvasz Kennel vom Quecksilber in Germany, writes,
 "Wahid vom Quecksilber don´t stand still anymore when he saw me again :-)"

Hildegard of  Kuvasz-Zucht vom Drachenfels in Germany shares the good news.

Congratulations to all!

Click here: ShowResults/FciGroup/group1 to see all Kuvasz results.

This annual event runs on August 10, 11, and 12 this year.  The Kuvasz are in Group 1. Click here to go to the WDS website: wds2018.com

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