Kuvasz/Komondor temperament - historic

I love this description of temperament! This is from Dr. Buzády's book.

"Mor Jokai wrote 150 years ago using the words Kuvasz and Komondor as synonymous:

"'That the welcome might be more patriarchal, the big Komondors/Kuvasz of the house too passed among the guests licking their hands; and in this is something worthy of comment. The conduct of the dogs of the house is a powerful indication of the hospitality of the householder: where even the Komondor/Kuvasz licks the guest's hand and springs up in amicable fashion to clasp him round the neck, there he is seen gladly;

"'but where the Komondor/Kuvasz lies in the doorway outside and growls at you when you approach, there prepare yourself for the question 'When will it please you to move on?'"

From: Dr. Tibor Buzády, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams, Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002, p. 141-142.

The above photo is Ekaterina in Russia whose Kuvasz has sprung up in an amicable fashion to clasp her around the neck, as did Peter's Kuvasz in Germany.