Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Idaho

See the dog in the lower left corner, keeping an eye on the sheep.  This photo and the one below are the only photos of LGDs I found on the site; the rest were Border Collies.

Click here for the Trailing of the Sheep Festival
Trailing of the Sheep Facebook Page,
and Festival Program.

Maybe the LGDs (above) are Polish Tatras. I wonder if this group is the same one that holds the Polish sheep trailing, featured in the Love Poland Facebook post. 

Also see the post about sheep trailing in Eurasia: our-kuvaszoks-first-job-in-history

About the family of Livestock Guardian Dogs...

“To this day flocks are guarded in the hills of Asia, Europe and Africa* by powerful, robust dogs that are neither clumsy nor pacific. Despite the distances that separate them these breeds have much in common, and the Kuvasz is a member of this extended sheepdog family.”

From: Dr. Buzády TiborDogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams, Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002, p. 90.

*(and today also in North America, South America and Australia)