Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oddball dies at age 15, and interview with environmentalist who helped create The Maremma Project

Click here to see a video from Australian TV about Oddball with the environmentalist who worked with Swampy Marsh to create, implement and expand the protection plan. There's a lot of info here that's not in the other interviews that are on this blog, such as that Oddball got lonely on the island and swam back to the mainland to be with Swampy. So the project had to find new Maremmas, but Oddball was always the star.
Video (4:08) and story about Oddball from 2015

About the family of Livestock Guardian Dogs...

“To this day flocks are guarded in the hills of Asia, Europe and Africa by powerful, robust dogs that are neither clumsy nor pacific. Despite the distances that separate them these breeds have much in common, and the Kuvasz is a member of this extended sheepdog family.”

From: Dr. Buzády Tibor, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams, Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002, p. 90.