Visiting the lake

 Angelina in Germany shares this vacation photo.

Dalya Duna wins in Norway

Gyékény wins at Komérom show

 Zoltán of Halasi-Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares the photo and good news.


Kuvasz in Australia

Ágnes and her Kuvasz Kende, who live in Melbourne, pose with A Kuvasz és Mi Alapítvány.
I've found LGDs (Maremmas) in Australia, but this is the first Kuvasz living in Australia that I know of.



Peter and his Kuvasz Kuruc pose by the Royal Palace in Budapest during the 2016 walk for the "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty."


Betyár with hay bales at show

Lászlóné  shares this photo of her Hevesi Portámkincse Betyár at a dog show for 9 Hungarian breeds  in Hungary.

2017 Gödöllő show - 3

Kókai Katalin - Lakatosné took many photos at the 2017 Gödöllő show in Hungary, including one of the show's sign.

2017 Gödöllő show - 2

Zoltán of Halasi-Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo.

Pharaoh on the couch

Paulo V. of Kuvasz Brazil, Refúgio na Montanha Kennel shares this photo of young Pharaoh on his new couch in his new forever home in Brazil.

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2017 Gödöllő show - 1

This is Harmatok Orzoje Acél

The MKFE show was held on September 16, 2017, at the Lazar Equestrian Center in Gödöllő, Hungary.



Sára of Halasi-Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this portrait of 3 month old Nádor.

"My, how they grow!" - Bendegúz

 István A. in Hungary shares these photos of his Királydombi-Fehér Bendegúz at age 2 months and 2 years.

"My, how they grow!" - Jamos

 Cili Kuvasz in Finland shares these photos of her Jamos as a pup and as an adult.

Young Pharaoh

These photos are of 4 month old Fáraó of Dunamenti Jeles Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary wading in the water before he goes with Paulo V. in Brazil to join his new family at Refúgio na Montanha Kennel, Kuvasz Brasil Kennel. raó has fun meeting members of his new pack.

5th annual "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" - photos of the 2017 event

A Kuvasz és Mi Alapitvány in Hungary shares these photos of the event he created and celebrates every year on September 15. The tribute wreath will dropped into the Danube River, which runs through Budapest. 

5th Annual "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty"

This photo  shows the Hungarian countryside in the 1930s, only a few years before World War II and the Soviet army invasion.
A Kuvasz és Mi Alapitvány on Facebook created the idea for a memorial day for the Kuvaszok who died in World War II. They chose September 15 for the anniversary date, and in 2013 held the first walk in Budapest to honor the brave Kuvaszok who died defending their owners' property from invading Soviet soldiers. 

by A Kuvasz és Mi Alapítvány, The Kuvasz and We Foundation

On this day we would remember to those Kuvaszes and other breeds of dogs who sacrificed their life for those who were the most important for them, for people. 

Why September 15th?

Because around this time in the autumn of 1944 the Soviet army stepped into the area of the Karpathian basin and started the biggest known slaughter of the Kuvasz population. We at A Kuvasz és Mi Alapítvány in Budapest would like if this not so well-known historical fact would not sink into oblivion.

For those who do not know about this period, we would sum up what happened from the autumn in 1944, here and on our Facebook page at A Kuvasz és Mi Alapítvány:

In the middle of September 1944 started the marching of the Soviet army from more directions into the Karpathian basin. Crowds of people fled from their farms and left the small villages when they heard about the arrival of the front lines. Besides saving the lives of people, saving the guarding kuvaszes as well was out of the question. 

Most of the people hoped that the Kuvasz would hide when they heard the noise of the guns, or run away, and when the tenants got home they would return, so they might survive the passing of the army. 

The people who returned days and weeks after the army left the area, saw that the dogs (other breed than kuvasz) survived the brutality of the troops. 

But coming home they had to face reality, most of the Kuvaszes lied shot down near the fence. The Kuvaszes left behind tried to save the home of their owners!!! 

The warning shots were useless, the roaring tanks, the rumbling guns did not frighten them away. When everybody ran away, they protected with loyalty what they had been entrusted to guard. Entering to the Karpathian basin, it soon spread among the foreign soldiers that the big white dogs had to be shot because they did not let anyone to enter, and could seriously injure the attacker. 

According to estimations from the autumn of 1944 to the spring of 1945 THOUSANDS OF KUVASZES GAVE THEIR LIFE FOR ACTING THE WAY THEY HAD BEEN TAUGHT BY THEIR OWNERS!

"Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" in Norway

Bjørn Olav of Fjellflokken Kuvasztenyészet Kennel in Norway shares this photo.

"Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" in Brazil

Paulo G. of Kuvaszok Kennel in Brazil shares his photos.


Hurricane Irma

Lany and Maya in Florida rode out Hurricane Irma safely. We had electricity most of the time but no cable or wi-fi for several days, so we watched DVDs, such as the movie called "Oddball," about Maremmas in Australia who guard penguins. And Lany and Maya were fine--apparently thunder is the only weather phenomenon that bothers them; the hurricane didn't faze them!


Sunrise in Nova Scotia

Brooke in Nova Scotia shares this photo of his LGDs, Greyson, Lochie, and Maple. He writes, "The one with his head in the middle is a pure Maremma of a litter that came from Abruzzo region in Italy. The other two are Maremma x Pyr." I consider all LGDs, including Kuvasz, to be "cousins" ☺and include them here.

"My, how they grow!" - Bricka

 Kelly of Redmoon’s Kuvasz Kennel in British Columbia shares these photos, from 2015, of her Bricka at age 6 weeks and 8-1/2 months.


"When you want a nap but want your toy close by."
Randall in Texas shares this photo of Casper, who's almost 2 years old.

Arika in the water

Sabine of vom Crystal Diamonds Kuvasz Kennel in Germany shares this idyllic photo of her Arika.

Rahan on vacation

 Susanne in Switzerland shares this photo of Rahan during their recent vacation in Sweden.

Csaba relaxes

Zoltán of Halasi Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo of young Csaba relaxing at the end of a weekend.

The Kuvasz coat - 17

Lots of wavy fur is featured in this photo from Isidora in Serbia.

The Kuvasz coat - 16

Bjørn Olav of Fjellflokken Kuvasztenyészet Kennel in Norway shares this photo of 3 week old Blue Boy showing the fur on the muzzle smoothing out as the rest of the fur remains wavy.

The Kuvasz coat -15

Andrea of Majna-menti Mákvirág Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo of a close-up of one of her dogs' coat: the curls-waves-whorls-spirals texture of the Kuvasz coat.

Portrait of Delceg

Branislav of Panonnian White Kuvasz Kennel of Serbia and Germany shares this portrait of himself and 3-1/2 year old Fehér-Morcos Delceg.

Nádor's mirror image

Sára of Halasi-Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo of 3 month old Halasi-Pásztor Nádor.



Isidora of Homokpusztai Haramia Kuvasz Kennel in Serbia shares this photo of her 4 month old Lilly saying goodbye to her friends as they head off to the first day of school.


A day at school for Hungarian culture

Ferenc Pischoff, president of the MKFE, took two Kuvasz to a local school to show the students a part of historic Hungarian culture. 
The MKFE is Magyar Kuvasz Fajtagondozó Egyesület, the national Hungarian Kuvasz organization.

Csubi, an amazing swimming Kuvasz

Andrea of Majna-menti Mákvirág Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares a video (from which I took this photo) of her Csubi venturing beyond wading at the shore and enjoying a swim in the local lake. 


Birgit in Germany shares this photo of her Dayo, taking a walk in the countryside. She found Dayo in desperate condition on the Hungarian Puszta last year and rescued him. Her veterinarian estimates that Dayo is 2-1/2 years old.

Ardó at Lillehammer

Kjetil in Norway shares this photo of his Ardó who successfully showed to a championship in a heavy rain.