The youth of Halasi-Pásztor

The new generations of humans and puppies at Zoltán V.'s home and kennel, Halasi-Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary, visit on the living room floor. 


Historic postcard from 1927

József H. in Hungary shares this historic photo from 1927.

Google Translate gives a translation into English of the caption as, "Mature Kuvasz picture group." If anyone has a better translation, please let me know.


Kósa in Hungary shares this photo of his Alma (which means Apple). This photo showcases the Kuvasz's slate-colored claws, distinctive white, thick, wavy fur, and the head's "smooth line to a hardly perceptible stop and a long, straight nose."

Info from: Pál Sárkány and Imre Ócsag, Hungarian Dog Breeds, Budapest, Hungary: Corvina Kiadó, 1977, 2nd ed. 1986, p. 101, 103.


Ardó and NATO troops

Kjetil in Norway shares this photo of his Ardó posing with German troops during the NATO military exercise, Trident Junction, held in Norway and Iceland in October and November 2018.

Jens and Kászon and a NATO army tank

Bjørn Olav of Fjellflokken Kuvasztenyészet Kennel in Norway shares these photos.

NATO's military exercise called Trident Juncture is occurring in Norway and Iceland in October and November 2018.

This is exactly the same behavior described in the "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty," remembering the Soviet invasion of Hungary in World War II, in which other brave Kuvaszok also faced down military tanks by their owners' property fences. Their fate was disastrous, and we honor them always.

"But coming home they had to face reality, most of the Kuvaszes lied shot down near the fence. The Kuvaszes left behind tried to save the home of their owners!!! 

"The warning shots were useless, the roaring tanks, the rumbling guns did not frighten them away. When everybody ran away, they protected with loyalty what they had been entrusted to guard."

From "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty," created in 2013 by Vajó Zoltán of A Kuvasz és Mi Alapítvány in Hungary


Photo contest winner - Redyk or Transhumance in modern Poland

I can't see any LGDs in this photo, but they must be in there somewhere. If they are there, they may be the Kuvasz "cousin," the Polish Tatra.
Click here to learn about this photography contest:  sipacontest.com/gallery/2018/

Click here to learn about Redyk from Wikipedia ("Redyk" means "parades," according to Google Translate.)

The solemn exit of shepherds for grazing in the mountain halls (spring reed) as well as their return from grazing (autumn redyk).

This way of grazing sheep is a relic of transhumance agriculture that used to be common in the Carpathians.

Redyk nowadays

Contemporary spring and autumn sheep rush has the character of a folklore spectacle addressed to tourists, but also to the highlanders themselves, who can try to identify with their tradition.

In 2013, the Carpathian Redyk was organized. The redyku route led through the Carpathian countries' territories: Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. About 300 sheep, dogs, donkeys and horses were found in the herd. Shepherds from Poland, Ukraine and Romania from May 11 to September 14, 2013, covered the route of about 1200 km. Its organizers (in Poland it is Fundacja Pasterstwo Transhumancyjne ) reported that:

"Carpathian Redyk was organized to commemorate the migration of Wallachian shepherds, which led to the settlement of the Carpathians and the emergence of a common, high-mountain pastoral culture, connecting communities living in the Carpathians."



József H. in Hungary shares this photo of his 5-year-old Avas (Peturházi Pettyes Avas).

This photo showcases the distinctive texture of the Kuvasz coat: 

“The hair is wavy and thick, a real characteristic of the breed....The coat of the Kuvasz is very attractive.”

From: Pál Sárkány and Imre Ócsag, Hungarian Dog Breeds, Budapest, Hungary: Corvina Kiadó, 1977, 2nd ed. 1986, p. 101, 103.

“The hair should be neither excessively curly nor straight, but should...have waves and swirls.  In 1924, the official term was fluctuosus, ‘wavy,’ which was replaced in 1935 by undulans, ‘undulating.’” 

Dr. Tibor Buzády, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams (Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002), p. 100.

"By Hungarian standard the straight coat is not acceptable. There must be special twirls in the coat."

Helpful dogs of many breeds - Karelian Bear Dog in Finland

The Karelian Bear Dog was developed in Finland. (Kuvasz and other LGDs also chase away bears and other predators.)

"...[U.S. biologist Carrie Hunt] learned of a certain dog breed protecting field researchers from polar bears in Norway. If KBDs were being used to scare bears away from people in Europe, Hunt thought, why couldn’t they do the same with nuisance bears in the U.S.?"

This is a great article! Click here:


Maremma and Penguin Project - penguin breeding in Dec. 2018

The Maremmas of Middle Island in Australia get ready for a new penguin breeding season, protecting them from predatory foxes. 
Click here to see the article:


Ebûr and Veini

Tiina in Finland shares this photo of her son, 11 month old Veini, and her Dunamenti-Jeles Ebûr, 2 years 10 months Kuvasz.

Bella and Anna

Mária in Hungary shares this photo of young Anna and 7-year-old Bella. She writes "Ez a kutya mindig megnevettet.   This dog always makes me laugh."  Bella seems to make Anna laugh, too!

Halloween 2018 - Doctor

Candice in Ontario shares this photo of her 6-year-old Kuvasz Doctor. See more at his Instagram account, "The Furry Doctor."


Kuvasz "cousin" - Bekor Kesgir wins

Adrián in Slovakia shares these photos of his dog's win in Romania. Congratulations!

104,000 views of Kuvasz Klips!

There have now been 104,000 views of Kuvasz Klips! Thanks for sharing your photos and thanks for viewing!
Carved pumpkins at Heroes Square, Budapest.  Hungarian Free Press.



Angéla of Nádas-Kincse Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo and the good news. Congratulations!


Look! Up in the sky! It's...

...a Kuvasz-shaped cloud! István M. in Hungary shares this.

Ardó on magazine cover

Kjetil in Norway shares this photo of an upcoming magazine that will feature his Ardó on the cover.

Kuvasz "cousins" - Alabai dogs in Tunisia

Chaeb of Alabai Central Asian Shepherd Dog In Tunisia Facebook Group and Page shares this photo.

Alma and Ditta

Enikő of Dunamenti Jeles Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo of her Alma and Ditta posing near Lake Balaton.

Árpád in Finland

Ann in Finland shares this photo of Árpád enjoying the October snow.


Kuvasz "cousin" - find the Maremma

Finding the intruder... Level 2.. for eye more warned.. 😏

Sophie in Italy shares these photos of her Maremma in the midst of a sheep flock. Can we find him?
Oh, there he is!


Kuvasz assisted therapy in Brazil

Thais of Guardian of the Kings Kuvasz Kennel in Brazil shares these photos of her Kuvaszok doing their helpful work in her animal assisted therapy program.

Maremma puppies and bandicoots in Australia - 1:18 video

These young Maremmas are being trained to guard bandicoots in Australia.

"If successful, the trial could result in the creation of a Fighting Extinction Dog Squad, a specially trained squad of dogs that protect and help monitor a host of native wildlife."

           Click here to see the article: Zoos Victoria, Australia

"This trial draws on the success of programs such as the Middle Island Maremma Dog Project (Warrnambool) where Maremmas have successfully protected Little Penguins from fox predation."

"Maremmas are a breed of guardian dog that originated in Italy and have been used for centuries to successfully guard livestock. They are considered ideal for conservation work because they can bond to an array of animals, defend them from introduced predators and have a low prey-drive."

Here's a link to a list of all the links about the Maremma Dog Project: kuvaszklips.blogspot.com/all-oddball-maremma-posts-on-kuvasz.html

Historic - dogs in Neolithic times

This article from Smithsonian magazine is about the migration of humans and their dogs 9,000 years ago.

"Europe’s First Dogs Disappeared After Neolithic Farmers Arrived With Their Own Pups.  Genetic analysis shows ancient canines from the Near East slowly replaced indigenous dog populations of that period."


European Dog Show in Warsaw, Oct. 11-14 -- Karpat and Nyalka win

Zoltán V. of Halasi-Pásztor Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares these photos. Congratulations!


Csilla A. of Kulcsos Lujza Kuvasz Kennel in Hungary shares this photo of her Ánizs by the Danube River.


Puppy welcomes lamb - :09 video

Paulo Viegas

Filhote de 9 semanas auxiliando a mãe ovelha a limpar o cordeirinho recém nascido. Pup (9 week old) helps the mother sheep to clean a newborn lamb. kuvasz do Refúgio na Montanha e Cabanha Sta Inês...
This 9-week-old pup helps the mother sheep to clean a newborn lamb. Paulo V.of Kuvasz-Canil Refúgio na Montanha Kennel in Brazil shares this.



Helpful dogs of many breeds - Border Collies on Governors Island

Governors Island is in New York Harbor, near Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, which is in the background of this photo. Great numbers of geese flock on the island, being aggressive to people and leaving large amounts of geese poop. The Border Collies, Max and Quinn, herd the geese and inspire them to fly away.

Click here to see more: dogs-governors-island-geese


Pet restroom at Newark-Liberty airport near New York City

This is another pet restroom in a major US airport, per the regulations for pet restrooms in US airports. This pet restroom meets all the requirements but isn't as cheerful as the one at JFK.

Here's the post about the JFK airport: Pet restroom in New York City airport


103,000 views of Kuvasz Klips!

There have now been 103,000 views of Kuvasz Klips! Thanks for sharing your photos and thanks for viewing!
Rushing to spread the news! Not really--this is from an article about Hungary's Wild East. Click here to see more:
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