Sunday, September 15, 2019

7th annual DAY OF KUVASZ LOYALTY Commemoration Walk and Wreath Ceremony

Kuvasz loyalty day - September 2019., 15.

The II. In the war, we remember our loyal companions who sacrifice their lives in the defense of their owners and their families, on September 15th, for the seventh time.

The memory walk starts at 15 pm in Budapest, from the old tree in the middle of the blood field park. We'll walk up to buda castle from which we walk to the chain bridge. From the chain bridge we throw the wreath of remembrance into the danube.

Why September 15th.?
75 years ago, in the autumn of 1944., the Soviet army entered the territory of the carpathian basin and began with the passing of the front lines - in addition to human wine - the biggest irony of the Kuvasz stock so far Yeah. In addition to the unspeakable suffering of the population, we would like to see the example of the endless loyalty of the Kuvasz!

From Autumn 1944. To Spring 1945., it is estimated that thousands of Kuvasz sacrificed their lives while doing their job faithful!

We are waiting for you all for a memory walk in front of the loyalty of the Kuvasz, this year on September 15th (this Sunday) in Budapest, starting from the blood field park! Meeting at 15:00 under the old tree in the middle of the park.

For more information, you can find the footage from the previous Kuvasz loyalty days on our website:

Click here to see the A Kuvasz és Mi website

Let us remember them and them, because their loyalty is not a "Virtual Myth", they truly gave their lives and would give it for us today!


So everyone who can please remember with us for the infinite Loyalty of Kuvaszes!