Saturday, December 29, 2018

Full version of "Brady's Escape" movie, re-constructed from YouTube clips -- 1 hour, 36 minutes long

This movie was made in 1983, when the VHS was the machine of the day. The entire movie was uploaded in 11 clips to YouTube.

Kuvasz Klip's very own tech consultant, Steve Elftmann, furnished the html code that enables viewing here on this blog.  There's a little gap between each of the YouTube clips, but it's not bad, and the movie flows well.

Even though this movie was made in Hungary by Hungarians, when it was opened in the US, much of the dialog is in English, with some Hungarian and German,

The plot:  When two American pilots, Brady and Benson, crash-land in the Hortobágy in 1944, they find help from the Hungarian residents, because, as the doctor says, "The Germans are our allies, but we are occupied."

The Nazis find the flaming wreckage of the plane but see no bodies. So they go in search of the American pilots who must still be alive.
Though allied with (but occupied by) the Germans, the Hungarians work desperately to save the Americans.

The Nazis shot Kuvaszok as casually and cruelly as the Soviets did when the Soviets invaded later that year, in September 1944.
Just before the killing.
My observations on the movie:  In spite of the bleak environment and the hideous behavior of the Nazis, and the fear and anxiety the Hungarians must have felt, there was a thing of beauty that stood out -- the Kuvasz. Other things of beauty were the magnificent horses and Grey cattle and Racka sheep.

As to the movie's end, the ending was a little bit happy but mostly heartbreaking, the characters suffering the hardship and vagaries of war.