Sunday, September 23, 2018

Predators of sheep in Brazil

The impressive Dunamenti Jeles FÁRAÓ ... all the qualities you want from a guardian and a protector are in this dog... fabulous temperament in the guard of the property and in the work of the field.
Paulo V. of Kuvasz-Canil Refúgio na Montanha Kennel in Brazil shares this. He writes about his Kuvaszok's tireless work protecting his flock from the many predators in Brazil.

"Brazil is a huge country and we have different situations of predators ... here in the south of the country we have plains and highlands ... in the highlands there is the puma and other predators are mongrels, big birds that attack newborn lambs and the theft of animals. Another predator that has caused great destruction in the properties is the boar. The boar is an exotic animal that was brought a few years back to the south of Brazil and Uruguay. Some animals escaped and began to spread and reproduce, now they are a plague throughout southern Brazil and throughout Uruguay."