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6th annual "Day of Kuvasz Loyalty" -- KFA shares clip of anti-Nazi movie, "Brady's Escape"

In the movie "Brady's Escape," this Hungarian man hugs his bloody, dead Kuvasz that had just been shot by a Nazi soldier. The Hungarian man explained to the Nazi's interpreter, who then told the Nazi, "They're Kuvasz. He says they're too dangerous. They'll kill us."

Kuvasz Fanciers of America shares this video clip from the movie "Brady's Escape." 

From KFA:  "These clips from "Brady's Escape" have been edited together to show how working kuvasz nearly became extinct during WWII. Please visit to find out more about becoming involved with efforts to save this ancient breed."

Click here to see the "Brady's Escape" movie clip about Kuvasz. The Kuvasz first appear at the 10:00 mark.

It was made in Hungary in 1983 and shown in the U.S. in 1984.

Here are reviews of the movie on 
"Given the low budget and production limitations, this movie is very good. It is plausible, realistic, and shows how the Csikos (Hungarian horsemen who lived on the plains (puszta) risked their lives to save a downed American pilot from the ruthless and savage Nazis. We are drawn into strong feelings for the young, impressionable, yet highly courageous boy--who admires the American pilot. If you're looking for special effects, superman heroes, and magical endings--this movie is not for you. If you want to feel what it must have been like to dodge the persistent, amoral Nazis and their lack of compassion, then you will be enthralled by this movie. I truly enjoyed it and for those who love horses, dogs, and humble, helpful people who value freedom and those who aspire to that end, this movie will be one you'll remember for a long time."


 A soldier who became a hero. A boy who became a man. An escape that became a legend.

User Reviews

a beautifully filmed movie.
9 May 2005 | by trevillian – See all my reviews
This movie was made in Hungary i think. anyway,the countryside is gorgeous,the people who play the farming folks were totally fascinating. their horsemanship is awesome. I got more into the native people, the farm life, and how heroic they were trying to hide Brady from the evil Nazis who where looking for these parachutists. They even sacrificed their life in several instances. the young orphan lad that Brady befriends was a sweet kid. you will marvel at the riding i think, and the action of trying to evade the Nazis. it is entertaining and comic in some spots and very tragic in others. Ladies have hankies handy, as you will be devastated at the end. i own it, and have watched it several times. in other words, not just a one time around flick. its a keeper....
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