Monday, July 16, 2018

Kuvasz is on list of 17 "adorable rare dog breeds"

To all readers for whom English is a second language: This list is full of baby-talk and made-up words, so don't feel your English is deficient if you can't figure out words like 

LIL' BABY SHNOOKUMS (the Mudi) or 

They're SOOOOOY LARGE and SQUISHY. Like, 14/10 would SMOOOOOSH (Spanish Mastiff) or 

SMOL CORGI/HUSKY BABERS (Swedish Vallhund) or 

They're my honey bunches, sugar plums, pumpy-umpy-umpkins. They're my sweetie pies. They're my cuppycakes, gumdrops, shnoogums, boogums, they're the apples of my eye (Kooikerhondje) or 


Click here to see the full list:  adorable-rare-dog-breeds