Friday, June 8, 2018

Kuvasz "cousin" - Kato the Pyrenees

Kato was hiking in Colorado when he had to be carried down the mountain by Evergreen Fire Rescue. 

Here are some funny comments from Facebook and Twitter:

Haha, he found a great spot where he could guard.

Who hasn't seen this in their LGD when they don't want to do something? HAHA!

This is funny!

There's a guy who walks every day with a great big pyrenes and a dog that looks almost like a pyranes. He always has a big old backpack on. I thought for a while that this was because he walked a long distance. Turns out...when his dogs stop and refuse to budge, the backpack has a nice little seat and a blanket and some water and snacks in it so he can just sit and wait till they are ready to move.

I had to carry my 60 lb. pup over two miles on our last hike cuz he gave up. My toddler and I were not amused. His fluffy butt stays at home now - lol

They really aren't designed to be hiking of the higher energy non-LGD breeds is a better option.

"Pointless" is a key word here. Ha ha! The activity definitely needs to have purpose to warrant an LGD's participation.

Gotta love firefighters. Best rescue ever!!!!

This dog is me!

OMG, Kato, you do you, honey. You let them humans work for you.

They're buying it. Just a little bit further. Keep a straight face, Kato.

Guess he didn’t want to walk anymore so he didn’t. Typical of a LGD breed. Lol

--- Questions: Overweight, out-of-shape pet? Undiagnosed diabetes? Happy hiker who just didn't feel like going home yet? ---