Saturday, June 16, 2018

Diamond Cup Kuvasz competition

Zoli, founder of A Kuvasz és Mi Alapitvany in Hungary, created the first annual Diamond Cup Kuvasz competition, held June 16.

Diamond Cup Kuvasz

We have the final results of our historically first competition for Kuvaszok. We measured not only the appearance, but the Kuvaszok protecting work by 4 exercises, their appearance and their health by laboratory results.

We are excited about the Diamond Kuvasz Cup, we are very curious to know where the breed is, the Kuvasz are performing in the field of ancient abilities! To the participants, we wish you a nice and exciting experience.

We are working on the renewing the Kuvasz breed. We have to turn back to the ancient abilities, if not, the breed will be destroyed and finally will disappear... So we fight as our best Kuvaszok!