A day in the life -- today's Kuvaszok


Hattyú and Kincső

la K. in Hungary shares this photo of his Kuvasz Hattyú and Kincső taking a walk.

This photo showcases the distinctive texture of the Kuvasz coat: 

“The hair is wavy and thick, a real characteristic of the breed....The coat of the Kuvasz is very attractive.” *

“The colour of the coat is a uniform white, while an ivory tinge is acceptable....The hair should be neither excessively curly nor straight, but should...have waves and swirls." **

* From: Pál Sárkány and Imre Ócsag, Hungarian Dog Breeds, Budapest, Hungary: Corvina Kiadó, 1977, 2nd ed. 1986, p. 101, 103.

** Dr. Tibor Buzády, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams (Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002), p. 100.