Historic - engraving of LGDs in the mountains

The caption says "Komondor dogs," but they look like today's Kuvasz. One of the three is an Abruzzi, a mastiff LGD from Italy. "Hegyekben" means "in the mountains."

Dr. Buzády quotes a historic writer who uses the names Kom and Kuv interchangeably, as happened often years ago. So maybe the above drawing is of Kuvaszok.

"Mor Jokai wrote 150 years ago using the words Kuvasz and Komondor as synonymous."

From: Dr. Tibor Buzády, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams, Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002.

Thanks to Andrea of Majna-menti Mákvirág Kuvasz Kennel in Germany for sharing this picture.