Sunrise in Nova Scotia

Brooke in Nova Scotia shares this photo of his LGDs, Greyson, Lochie, and Maple. He writes, "The one with his head in the middle is a pure Maremma of a litter that came from Abruzzo region in Italy. The other two are Maremma x Pyr." 

I consider all LGDs, including Kuvasz, Pyrenees and Maremmas, to be "cousins" ☺and include them here.

About the family of Livestock Guardian Dogs...

“To this day flocks are guarded in the hills of Asia, Europe and Africa by powerful, robust dogs that are neither clumsy nor pacific. Despite the distances that separate them these breeds have much in common, and the Kuvasz is a member of this extended sheepdog family.”

From: Dr. Tibor Buzády, Dogs of Hungary, trans. Bernard Adams, Budapest, Hungary: Nóra Kiadó, 2002, p. 90